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The Beloved Waters Project


A Global Network of Sound Healers, Grid Workers and Realm Walkers Using Crystal Sound Instruments together With the Vocal Sound Frequencies of Our Water Blessing Mantra to Enhance and Unify the Sacred Water Grid As It Flows through Our Mother Earth’s Beautiful Body Planet and Our Own Beautiful Living Body Temples.



12th Annual World Water Blessing Ceremony ~ May 5, 2023 -  Noon Local Time




Welcome to The Beloved Waters Project, a project of  The Ariel Research Institute for Evolutionary Living. Our prime areas of exploration are frequency and vibratory transmissions of The Waters as a Living Master Teacher and how, we as Living Master Beings, respond, reflect and transform one another. We combine this exploration with the additional frequencies of the Living Master Teacher of Crystal Sound.


We have been requested by the Waters, themselves, to create connections to ALL Waters, utilizing sound as the tool, to create a synthesis between the field of the Waters and the Human field.


The Beloved Water Project


In 2011 we were requested by the Waters to expand our work, enhancing the vibrations of ALL Waters as we infuse them with our high-frequency sound activated Blessing Waters and Blessing Ceremonies. Our expansion continues with the co-creation of ” The Beloved Waters Project”, a network of Global Water Blessing Ceremonies including WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY held annually on May 5.


Under the direction of the Planetary Waters, we have created a global network of Grid Workers together with this site as a gathering place to welcome a community of those Grid Workers inspired to help enhance the Sacred Water Grid as it flows through our Mother Earth’s beautiful body planet and our own beautiful living body temples.


The connection between the waters and ourselves is tangible…WE ARE ONE.


Emissary of the Sacred Water Grid


We are so very blessed and honored to have a network that now includes Emissaries on 4 continents joining us in this mission and in May 2013, we offered  our first formal Emissary training and had six  awesome Water Workers complete their training and become certified as an EMISSARY OF THE SACRED WATER GRID, 



~ Water.

The only known element not generated on or exclusive to Planet Earth.

The Living Master Teacher of Crystal Sound through Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

For more information about becoming an EMISSARY OF THE SACRED WATER GRID click here.

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