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About Us...

We are Grid Workers whose focus has been the Crystal Grids in the mountains of Western North Carolina, USA within a 50-mile radius of Asheville. In 2011, we were requested by the Waters to expand our work, creating a global network of water grid workers throughout our planet known as Emissaries of the Sacred Water Grid and to enhance the vibrations of ALL Waters, through Sound and Blessing Ceremonies including WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY, held each year on May 5th.


Beloved Taweh (Beloved)


Crystal Sound Weaver, Messenger for Unseen Realms, Soul Artist & Spirit Dancer, Beloved is a Visionary whose passion is Activating Sleeping Souls! Serving as an Angelic Messenger and a Messenger for the Unseen Realms, she lovingly gives transmission from the Heart of the Divine Mother, the Angelic Realm and the Hathors as she facilitates Sound Activations using Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, and Toning/Vocal Harmonics.  Beloved records with Tantric Moon and is a member of Sound Healers Association.


Beloved's teachings reflect her understanding that we are currently living in beautiful physcial bodies...holy sanctuaries..."crystal vessels of Sacred Waters". Not separated from the Whole of the Multiverses, we are constantly receiving and transmitting throughout the Cosmos. Her teachings help us understand how to become aware of these receivings/transmissions and how to live our lives in an intended way, knowing that each of us affects the whole; there is no separation. Our purpose on this planet is to uplift, awaken and activate one another.


And of course, Beloved believes no life of Soul Activation and Multi-Dimensional Living is complete without connecting to all the yummy assistance from other realms! ~ Angels, Faeries, Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, our personal Guides, Teachers and Loved Ones from the Other Side! ~ Each of her playshops, classes, retreats, ceremonies and gemstone alchemy crystal bowl meditation attunements offer opportunities for you to awaken and activate your soul in playfully profound ways. Beloved’s angel readings and personal messages through art offer angelic guidance for your soul’s journey here on planet Earth.


An experiencer in the Energetic Technologies of Qigong, and Kundalini Yoga as powerful expansion tools that prepare the physical body to be a perfect container for the new frequencies and expansion energies, Beloved has found combining these technologies with Crystal Sound creates an amazing alchemy.


 When on planet, Beloved is most often found in Asheville, NC USA or Winter Park, FL USA


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Heüme Naturum

Heüme Naturum


Heüme Naturum- She is called 'Heüme Naturum' (hey-ooh'-may nah-tour'-um) by all those within the nature realm and the fairies. The meaning of her name and her chosen purpose is to reveal nature to you.


Heüme is an Omnidialoguer, and returns us to the Source where we can dialogue with everything. "Gather your insight from nature itself -- the herb knows its own purpose," says Heüme.


Schooled by master teachers of many realms, she has now been given specific lessons for you to communicate with the incredible realms of nature and fairies.Reconnect with who you were before. For thousands of years, civilizations have been connecting to a source, a place that each person finds -- where plants, clouds, fairies, humans, animals, and more -- all communicate with each other, just like you and I talk.


Heüme will take you on a journey. Walk where welcoming nature dwellers open their doors and share their expansive knowledge with you.


The trail continues through the fairy realm, where these habitants bring you joy and clarity. Their primary purpose today, is to help Earth by helping you. You are in the presence of nature and fairy know it’s going to be fun.


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