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The Teachings...

Blessings Dear Hearts,

What amazing times we live in. As a global family, WE are activating! Just look around…feel the shifting! Heume and I are receiving so much information…  The information is amazing, exciting and totally resonating with the expansion taking place in all of us and Mother Earth. Did you know the waters are information transmitters who hold expansion codes? And as we merge our body waters with the waters flowing through the body of Mother Earth we receive the transmission of these codes and data? Oh YES! These are exciting times and we have so much to share with you. Heume and I are following the timetable given to us by the Sacred Waters and will explain more as time unfolds.

The First Teachings


We Are the Waters.

Behold our lessons.

As you Hear our Sound…as you listen to our rhythm we entrain your Heart.

We sustain life of the beings who live in us, as we sustain you through our waters flowing through your sacred body temple.

Dear Ones. We hold the heart vibration.


We are ever-changing…reminding you that life is ever-changing.

Each moment new…Never to return to its old sameness.

We remind you that as a river flows, so flows life.

You may choose to stay on the banks and observe…It is your choice…Or you may choose to walk in at any time…come into the living of life!…Into the Heart of it!


There are shallows and flows…There are rapids and deeps.

You need only to know how to navigate.

TRUST is your sexton…

Open-heartedness is your Spirit!

In the shallows and flows you shall lay back and receive…bask and refresh.

In the rapids and in the deeps…TRUST…for you will always come through.

Yet, if you fear and are dashed upon the rocks, re-center your God Heart

Give gratitude for a resting place as you re-gather your bearings.

Once gathered, return to the Current of Life and travel onward in the exhilaration known by all explorers who have come through that which seemed impossible to move through… a challenge faced and navigated!


On now, to the waters flow…THE GLORIOUS FLOW OF LIFE!


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