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Emissaries of the Sacred Water Grid...

What Is An Emissary of the Sacred Water Grid?

For those who are drawn to this sacred mision and would like to assist in filling the Waters Request through the expanded enhancement of the Waters and the bond to humanity and all sentient beings, you are invited to become an Emissary of the Sacred Water Grid.

Is There A Fee To Become An Emissary?

No Dear Heart, there is no fee. We're just thrilled and honored that you choose to join our mission... however, donations are always appreciated.

I’m So Resonating! How Do I Become An Emissary?

Can I Participate More By Becoming An Emissary?

Oh yes! Although anyone, anywhere, is invited to do a Water Blessing Ceremony, as an Emissary, we invite you ~ and will show you how ~ to facilitate group Water Blessing Ceremonies the way the Waters have requested we bring them to the world. We will be sure you have the ceremony components and  language as it was given by the Waters themselves.


You will also have the opportunity to create your own event and location for your Water Blessing as part of the global event WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY held each year on May 5th, noon local time. And we will list your event on this new website! (Provided you meet all deadlines of course).


We are so honored you are choosing to join us! We now have Emissaries on FOUR Continents and in 2013, five of the most gracious, powerful Emissaries attended our first Training Retreat and became the very first recipients of the EMISSARY OF THE SACRED WATER GRID LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION!


Becoming an Emissary is easy. The only requirements are an open heart and desire to be part of our Beloved Waters Global Mission.


Next, just complete/submit our Emissary Form. Remember, this is a network of crystal sound. Your voice is your Crystal Instrument! Also, if you play a Crystal Instrument ~  crystal bowl, crystal pyramid, crystal flute,etc) let us know that as well!

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