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Support Beloved Waters...

How You Can Support This Project

Wherever we go, people are so gracious, and supportive of this Sacred Mission. We are asked "How can I help?" "I love participating in these beautiful blessings. What can I do?" "Is there a place to donate?"


If you resonate with our work, there are several things you can do. Beloved travels about leading Water Blessing Ceremonies and of course,  there is never a fee for these blessings  Most of the time she travels to a location where she can also offer a Crystal Bowl Concert and/or Playshop..  Her concerts/playshops/private sessions fund the Beloved Waters Project.


So, here's what would be so glorious for you to do...


1. Become an Emissary of the Sacred Water Grid

2. Help us get the word out. Share this website.

3, Bring Beloved to your area. If you own a venue or know of one please let them know and ask them to have Beloved. Each of her events ends with a water blessing!



For those wishing to make a financial Love Oferring please click the Love Offering button

The Journey

This journey has been so life changing. From the first time I picked up a Crystal Bowl... and the first time I was taken with our exquisite Mother Earth and shown the Sacred Water Grid... to the day in Marshall, NC USA when as I was "sounding" the French Broad River with my Aqua Aura Gold Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowl and Light Frequencies and heard Heume receive the invitation from The Waters to accept this mission and create this Beloved Waters Global Network. Our hearts accepted without reservation and yet neither of us had the faintest idea how to create this network... but of course, we knew we'd be shown. Everything would unfold into perfect being.


The first WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY was May 5, 2012. We are so graced to have EMISSARIES OF THE SACRED WATER GRID serving on four continents! And May, 2013 Heume and I offered our first EMISSARY OF THE SACRED WATER Level 1 Training Certification Retreat in the most perfect retreat house on the Pamlico Sound in The Outer Banks, NC USA. We lead our local WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY at the Cape Hatteras Light House, where we were joined by local townsfolk and the six powerful Emissaries who received there Level 1 Certification and are now out and about facilitating their own water ceremonies.


Because of gracious grid workers like you, we know, this network will continue to evolve, expand and shift as we are able to reach more and more people...sharing more and more of The Water's Teachings.


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