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2018 7th Annual
World Water Blessing Ceremony...

May 5, 2018
11 am Gather / Noon Ceremony Begins


This global WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY is held throughout the planet.  

Each year, The Waters request blessing of specific Waters.  This year (2018) The Waters have requested the blessing of the aquifers flowing within our beautiful Mother Earth.  These Aquifers are the arteries carrying the Sacred Waters through Mother Earth... a reflection of the arteries carrying Sacred Blood through the human body.

We have beautiful Emissaries of the Sacred Water Grid blessing waters throughout the year and on May 5 all the Emissaries participate in the World Water Blessing Ceremony. This blessing takes place at noon, local time zone. 

Though the World Water Blessing Ceremony happens throughout the planet, each year, Heume and Beloved receive the location to offer their Water Blessing Ceremony. This year (2018) The Waters requested them to bless the aquifers at Florida Caverns State Park. There are several sites in the park where Beloved and Heume invite you to join them as they connect to the Sacred Water Grid. The main 7th Annual World Water Blessing Ceremony takes place at Blue Hole. Followed by a Cave Tour where The Waters create beautiful caverns. For information on this event click this link.

To learn how you can become an Emissary of the Sacred Water Grid Click Here

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