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Our Certified Emissaries of the Sacred Water Grid...

OMG. When we first began this mission we had no idea how to do, or what to do. What we did have was TRUST! If The Waters themselves, had requested we create a Global Network than The Waters would show us what to do!


Beloved Waters has Emissaries on four continents doing this powerful work! How awesome is that? And we have now completed our 2nd ANNUAL WORLD WATER BLESSING CEREMONY on those four continents!




After the 2012 WWBC, The Waters asked us to expand our mission even more and begin an in depth training for those who would like to participate at a deeper level. In May, 2013 five enchanting, powerful mermaids spent four days with us in the Outer Banks of NC USA where they participated in the World Water Blessing Ceremony and our very first Emissary of the Sacred Water Grid Level 1 Certification Retreat. These women were amazing! And now we are so blessed to have our very first certified Emissaries of the Sacred Water Grid! And ever since their certification training they have been out and about leading beautiful Water Blessing Ceremonies!



We just can't wait to introduce them to you. We are awaiting their photos and bios and just as soon as we have them we will share them with you

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